Photo Features Owner & Photographer Luna Malyna at The Patriot Days Car Show in Riverton, Utah.

Welcome to Motor Maidens, my name is Luna Malyna. I am the Founder, Owner & CEO, Creative Director, Fashion Stylist, and Head Photographer for the company. I was born and raised in Salt Lake City, Utah. I am a multi-published professional photographer with ten years of experience in photography and thirteen years experience of professional modeling and model coaching. I am a huge motor enthusiast who enjoys cruises, car shows, and races. I started out capturing photos of badass cars as I adventured across the United States. I then moved to portraits and fashion photography for a few years. I then created Snapshot Socials and hosted group photoshoots for local creatives in Utah for over a year. After growing up in the motor world my entire life I decided to combine my two passions for portrait and automotive photography, and I created the Motor Maidens. I am using my art to create a brand that empowers women in the motor industry and features badass custom rides from all over the world. I am also the President & Founder of the Valkyries Car Club in Utah. We support female mechanics across the country and are building a badass sisterhood of female motor enthusiasts. We will eventually have a garage and a home for both the Motor Maidens and the Valkyries, and we are so excited! I am proud to have built a brand and club that represents such an incredible community of strong women. And I am excited to watch as we grow and turn into a badass community that proudly represents family, respect, loyalty, charity, and sisterhood. Please feel free to follow my work and watch this amazing journey of mine! And feel free to follow Motor Maidens on social media for more behind the scenes action!

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Check out my website for more badass content!