Heritage Neighborhood Easter Vehicle Parade

For the Heritage Neighborhood Easter Vehicle Parade the Motor Maidens got the opportunity to dress up in the superhero costumes once more! This time their costumes included Elastigirl, Batwoman, and Lady Deadpool! At the start of the show the ladies had a blast posing with the cars that came out to support the parade (as shown in the photos below). Once the parade started the ladies danced and walked along side the cars as they cruised the neighborhood putting smiles on all the smiles of neighborhood onlookers. The parade was an absolute blast and it was an awesome experience coming together as a community to make this neighborhoods Easter special! Our sponsor Unity Car Show Productions did another excellent job on this rolling car show! To see what shows the Motor Maiden models will be attending next, make sure to check out our events page!

Written and Photographed by Owner: Luna Malyna
Feel free to check out my website: www.lunamalyna.com

Event Gallery

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