PRMC Trunk or Treat Halloween

Myself (Luna Malyna) and the Motor Maidens were ecstatic when we were invited to the PRMC Trunk or Treat Halloween Event! It was a beautiful sunny day and every one was very happy to celebrate this major holiday since the Covid-19 shutdown of Salt Lake City, Utah beginning in March of 2019. With the efforts of PRMC and the entire community of Salt Lake City they were able to come together and come up with a strategy that would still allow them to celebrate the holiday while remaining safe and following state issued guidelines. This was an incredible experience for not only myself but the entire Motor Maidens modeling team! The support and the love you can find in the car and motorcycle communities is incredible! Everyone is so loving and accepting, only there to support one another. This event was a very successful event for the Motor Maidens considering this was our very first photo booth and car show event. We were able to set up a very cute back drop for our photo booth where the Motor Maidens models posed with any families wanting photos. Of course we followed social distancing and had hand sanitizer at every booth. Families were ecstatic about the costumes our Motor Maidens models wore to the event, our most popular being the popular Elastigirl (worn by Motor Maiden Kira). We were able to raffle off a hand-made Motor Maidens blanket made my Elizabeth Marie’s Creations as well! The car turn out was absolutely incredible as well with rides ranging from lowriders, to classics, to supercars. I was honored to be able to take photos of such beautiful vehicles with my Motor Maidens models standing beside them. Towards the end the community came together to do one final costume contest and the winners looks stunning yet spooky in their individual outfits. We are so excited and looking forward to next years PRMC Trunk or Treat! We are extremely grateful to everyone in the community that came together to make this event safe and an amazing experience for everyone in the community including myself and the Motor Maidens! Thank you for reading and feel free to leave you comments below!

Written and Photographed by Owner: Luna Malyna
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